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Meet Spark: The Watch that Keeps You Awake

Simply wear the Spark and let it keep track of your movements. As you move, the Spark will calculate your average motion. Even small movements are constantly monitored by the Spark.

Using two state-of-the-art motion sensors and an internal algorithm, the Spark will know if you fall asleep when your average motion significantly decreases.

If you doze off and stop moving, the Spark will begin to vibrate until you move again. Find out more in our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact Us.

Inside the Spark

3-Axis Accelerometer

The tech that senses your movement.

3D Motion Frequency Sensor

The science that calculates your motion frequency.

12V Vibration Motor

The part that keeps you awake.

LED Display

The screen that lets you see.

Interchangable Wristband

The band that keeps the watch on your wrist.

Visit Our KickStarter Campaign for Special Perks and Promotions!

Stay Awake with the Spark

Sometimes you just can't afford to fall asleep.

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Ships Late Summer 2014
Kickstarter Orders Ships November 2014

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